Rebecca Zubel, Founder, Trash Lingerie

Rebecca Zubel, Founder, Trash Lingerie

About Trash Lingerie

Visually pleasing and fun to wear
— Trash Lingerie

Founded in 2015 by Rebecca Zubel, Trash Lingerie set out with the goal of creating lingerie that is not just visually pleasing and fun to wear but comfortable and made with quality craftsmanship. We believe in making quality garments that leave an impression and is something unique and original for the alternative customer.

Company Philosophy

We glance to the past for inspiration, looking at shape ware and bullet bras with trapunto stitching, satin fabrics and luxurious laces.  We incorporate vintage characteristics with cheeky peek-a-boos and strappy details. For autumn and winter we incorporate luxurious jewel tone fabrics with our seductive designs.  We also look to B-movie girl gangs inspired by pulp fiction novels of the 60’s and the snotty attitude of glam rockers and punks of the 70’s.  Pushing social boundaries and people’s comfort zones, our designs are provocative and irresistible. Showing just enough to allow them a glimpse and leave them feeling intoxicated with lust. Taunt them to the point their left smoldering with passion,